Book 1: Islands in the Mist

Islands in the Mist breathes new life into ancient Welsh mythology, masterfully weaving its characters into a rich tapestry of heroism and sacrifice. The great warrior Bran has been called home from the battlefield to his mother’s deathbed, where he vows to solve the strange mystery surrounding what fatally attacked her in the night. He travels to the Crossroads seeking the wise counsel of Talhaiarn, High Priest and advisor to his clan, where he learns similar attacks have been reported by clans to the north and east; horrors that Talhaiarn suspects are the dark handiwork of the powerful Cerridwen... Read More

Book 2: Across the Sea

In the aftermath of the Battle of the Crossroads, Bran convinces the few warriors who remain to gather their families and live as one clan under his leadership. Together, they abandon their villages and unite under a new sigil—the Sacred Oak of the Crossroads—no longer referring to themselves as Easterners, Northerners or Southerners, but simply as “Oaks.” With his clan and their new village well-established, Bran asks Lucia to leave the Isle and be his queen, leaving her with a difficult choice to make—to become a Priestess of the Isle or Queen of the Oaks. Her response leads Bran to a decision that threatens to destroy not only his honor, but the future prosperity of his people....Read More

Book 3: Rise of the Pendragon

The last of the Romans have left Britannia, leaving greedy and ruthless men to seize power and rip the land asunder. Without the discipline of Rome to stop them, relentless Picts come down from the North to raid her settlements while boatloads of Saxons sail west from Germania to pillage her shores. Grown soft with nearly five generations of Roman order, most men in Brython are unable to defend their homes against the ever-growing threats from all sides. But there is hope. Emrys and Uthyr, the two youngest sons of Constantine, the last great Roman leader in Britannia, have now come of age....Read More

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